Pre-Season Friendly

Northampton Falcons Vs Kettering Phoenix Suns

The Venue


Kingsthorpe College, Northampton

5th October, 2017

With a difficult start to their pre-season preparations the fledgling Northampton Falcons squad were in dire need of a win before the start of their Basketball England Division 2 campaign. With the pressure mounting the final pre-season friendly was upon them and it was time to deliver. Parking problems and a double booking at Kingsthorpe College didn't do much to settle the nerves however referee's Andy Cox and Connor Brown were happy to delay the proceedings until the court had been cleared and the teams warmed up.

With the court put back in place and the teams warmed up the teams finally tipped off just over 30 minutes late. From the off Northampton Falcons went out strongly against the Kettering Phoenix Development Squad with Jamie Young (44) scoring the first points of the game for Northampton Falcons. Despite a sterling opening quarter performance from Jake Chapman (0) getting 3 points on the board for Kettering Phoenix, The Phoenix squad were struggling to box out the stronger Falcons Squad and collect the rebound at both end of the court. Dominating the first quarter – the Falcons team had a 16:6 with an even split from Jamie Young (44), Adam Latimer (3) and Will Kay (2) all taking 4 points each.

There was much of the same from the Falcons squad in the second quarter, their strong defence forcing the Phoenix Suns to take tough shots which often also struggled to land on target. By the end of the first quarter Kettering had only managed to move up to 15 points whilst the Falcons continued to push hard and increase their lead to 19 points. The game wasn't looking good for Kettering Phoenix with the score going into half time being 34:15 to the Falcons. Top scorers of the 2nd quarter were Will Kay (3) for the Falcons with 7 points and Player 7 for Kettering Phoenix who took 8 of the 9 points for Phoenix that quarter.

With a big lead to reel in the Phoenix squad performed well in the 3rd quarter despite a tough full court press from the Falcons. Going out hard and fast into the 2nd half the Phoenix squad soon began to make a dent on the scoreboard racking up a number of points in succession before the Falcons squad were able to take control of the game once again. The 3rd quarter saw Phoenix double their score from the first half and bring reduce their deficit down from 19 points to 18. Top players from the quarter were Adam Latimer (3) and James Shirley (25), both scoring 6 points for the Falcons and Jake Chapman (0) once again leading the scoreboard for Phoenix with 7 points.

The final quarter saw the Falcons squad once again begin to tire slightly and the game to become less organised from both sides. With the momentum falling back towards Kettering Phoenix Suns. Despite Phoenix reducing the Falcons lead to 15 points in the final quarter it was very much a case of too little too late and the outstanding opening performance and continued pressure from the Falcons saw them ease to victory.

Final Score

Northampton Falcons: 65

Kettering Phoenix Suns: 50

The Teams

Northampton Falcons

Adam Latimer (3) 17pts

Will Kay (2) 8pts

James Shirley (25) 8pts

Ben Harvey (0) (C) 8pts

Jamie Young (44) 6pts

Aran Gardner (15) 5pts

Kane Alexander (23) 4pts

Adam Perry (14) 4pts

Brad Hughes (79) 3pts

Dan Ghiguta (6) 2pts

Will Watson (4) 0pts

Coach: Will Watson

Kettering Phoenix Suns

Jake Chapman (0) 17pts

Phoenix (7) 12pts

Phoenix (6) 7pts

James Holtby (4) 4pts

Phoenix (5) 2pts

Phoenix (16) 3pts

Phoenix (19) 3pts

Phoenix (00) 2pts

Phoenix (9) 0pts

Phoenix (13) 0pts



Referees: Andy Cox, Connor Brown

Table: Daniel Gresly, Gemma Masters

The Photos

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Video's & Photographs by Damian Sokol

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