Pre-Season Friendly

Kettering Phoenix Suns Vs Northampton Falcons


Southfields School, Kettering

15th October, 2017

Northampton Falcons get off to a commanding start

Northampton Falcons were ready to kick off their cup campaign away to Kettering Phoenix on Sunday however unfortunately all didn't go as planned. A double booking with the referee's meant that some last minute changes had to be made and resulted in one of the re-booked referee's being unable to attend on the day. With referee Andy Cox, both teams and the table officials all set and the court booked for two hours it was decided by both teams to utilise the time and get one final pre-season friendly.

During the warmup the Falcons appeared to be the more organised team, with larger numbers than the last away game to Phoenix Suns they were certain not to let this one slip away. Tip was won by Callum Woodhouse (12) for Kettering Phoenix Suns, just beating Falcons player Jamie Young (44). With some back and forth the first points were laid down by Woodhouse (12) for Phoenix Suns. Falcons quickly followed up with Kane Alexander (23) equalising the score. Momentum however was still with Phoenix Suns as Woodhouse (12) and M. Wright (8) stretched the score to 6-2 by the by the 4th minute. From the 4th minute onwards however there was a step change from the Falcons with some great turnovers and strong defence against the Suns. The Falcons soon created a lead of 15-6 and despite Falcons squad getting into foul trouble near the end of the quarter no matter what the Suns pulled out it wasn't enough to change the momentum back in their favour. Top scorers for the first quarter were Jordan Marshall (00) & Kane Alexander (23) with 6 points apiece for Falcons and Woodhouse (12) with 4 points for the Suns.

There was much of the same throughout the game with some great turnovers, rebounds and team play shutting down the Phoenix Suns offence and punishing them for missed shots. Special mention should be made to Jamie Young (44), Adam Perry (14), Nial Glynane (4) and Brad Hughes (79) for their performances made throughout the game in those areas. Foul trouble blighted the Falcons however, 20 personal fouls were committed during the game, double that of the Phoenix Suns.

By half time the Falcons had extended their lead to 12 points with the Suns trailing 19-31. Top scorers for the 2nd quarter were Fraser Campbell (99) with two solid 3-point shots for the Falcons and Callum Woodhouse (12) continuing his streak with 5 more points for Phoenix Suns.

With the pressure mounting on the Phoenix Suns and their 7 man team starting to tire; the 2nd half got off to a bad start. The Falcons had extended their score to 38 points before M. Tatum (10) managed to get the Suns back on the scoreboard in the 4th minute. With the quarter being won 16-9 by the Falcons it seemed as though the game was in the bag. Top scorers for the quarter were Fraser Campbell (99) with 5 points for the Falcons and Woodhouse (12) once again leading the Suns with 4 more points.

With the game slipping into the final quarter the Falcons defence began to ease off; aiding the Phoenix Suns to make their highest scoring quarter. A 3-point shot from Francoise Catalla (7) and a final 2-points from Chris Harris (5) meant the Phoenix Suns took the quarter by a single point as the Falcons squad walked down the clock to the final buzzer.

Final Score

Kettering Phoenix Suns: 42

Northampton Falcons: 60

The Teams

Northampton Falcons

Ben Harvey (C) (0) 6pts

Jordan Marshal (00) 18pts

Adam Latimer (3) 9pts

Nial Glynane (4) 0pts

Paul Howe (13) 2pts

Adam Perry (14) 2pts

Kane Alexander (23) 9pts

James Shirley (25) 2pts

Jamie Young (44) 1pts

Brad Hughes (79) 0pts

Fraser Campbell (99) 11pts

Coach: Will Watson

Kettering Phoenix Suns

Mickey Goodrich (4) 0pts

Chris Harris (5) 2pts

Nick Lander (6) 4pts

Francoise Catalla (7) 5pts

Michael Wright (8) 6pts

M. Tatum (10) 11pts

Callum Woodhouse (12) 14pts

Coach: Nick Lander



Referees: Andy Cox

Table: H Valentine, P Rice

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Jamie Young Northampton Falcons Basketball and Callum Woodhouse Kettering Phoenix tip off Jamie Young of Northampton Falcons gets the lay-up Alex Mac, Paul Howe, Fraser Campbell, James Shirley, Adam Latimer, Ben Harvey, Bradley Hughes Northampton Falcons Basketball

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