Northants Basketball Cup

Northampton Falcons Vs Wellingborough Phoenix Flames


Kingsthorpe College, Northampton

26th October, 2017

It's not how big it is but what you do with it...

Northampton Falcons suffered their biggest ever loss in last night's cup game against the experienced Division 1 Wellingborough Phoenix Flames. The squad went all out but were just outperformed on every front by the dominant Wellingborough Squad. This is certainly a good wake up call for the Falcons squad and gives them a clear goal for the season ahead. With the squads focus being set on the league for this year the loss may be a set back but confidence is still high. The Falcons squad were often maxing out on fouls which didn't help matters but Wellingborough Phoenix played pragmatically throughout and weren't leaving room for error. There were some good steals by both teams with Jamie Young (44) often seen wrestling for the ball to gain permission back for the Falcons.

The game was slow to get started with both teams struggling to get into a rhythm but a few minutes in Devon (13) put the first 3 points on the board by drawing a foul and getting the layup for Wellingborough Phoenix. By the start of the 2nd half the Falcons were already down by 50 points, with only 10 points on the board it was going to be tough to rein in Wellingborough Phoenix's lead.

The start of the 2nd half saw a much stronger performance from the Falcons with team captain Jordan Marshall scoring 11 points in the 3rd quarter. The Falcons still lost the quarter 19 to 29 but the team were playing well as a unit.

One of the Falcons largest challenges appeared to be penetrating the Phoenix Flames defence. The Flames were closing the gaps and pressuring the Falcons to take long shots however there were some great offensive rebounds from the Falcons at times even if they were unable to always capitalise from them. Despite having the smaller team the Phoenix squad didn't seem to run out of steam even deep into the 4th quarter; their pace and energy allowed Phoenix to draw some easy fouls from the Falcons defence from start to finish.

The Falcons now look to learn from the game and move on. With their first Division 2 League game being held next Monday (30th October) they are looking forward to playing hard and taking home the win.

Final Score

Wellingborough Phoenix Flames: 111

Northampton Falcons: 34

The Teams

Northampton Falcons

Jordan Marshall (C) (00) 16pts

Adam Latimer (3) 2pts

Nial Glynane (4) 4pts

Dan Ghiguta (6) 0pts

Aaron Gardner (15) 0pts

Kane Alexander (23) 3pts

James Shirley (25) 0pts

Damian Sokol (35) 0pts

Jamie Young (44) 4pts

Paul Howe (99) 5pts

Coach: Will Watson

Wellingborough Phoenix Flames

Jess (5) 3pts

Danny (6) 16pts

Greorgi (7) 15pts

Mark (11) 5pts

Devon (13) 19pts

Greg (17) 27pts

Tomasz (23) 8pts

Benji (C) (38) 18pts



Referees: Giulio Ansaloni, Colin Lavin

Table: Daniel Gresly, Gemma Masters

The Photos

Northampton Falcons 34 - Wellingborough Phoenix Flames 111


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